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 When I was one of the many  musicians travelling around and playing at folk clubs and festivals in the UK in the eighties, I had a leaflet of biographical details which I would supply to organisers for publicity purposes. This was written in the third person to give the impression it was someone else’s opinion—it’s embarrassing to be ‘bigging yourself up’ and doesn’t feel right and yet it was probably the norm. Anyway, this time, since I’m too old to bother about such things any more, I’m blatantly blowing my own trumpet! Many who have followed folk music for a long time will know that I owe the wonderful, gifted musician, Nic Jones, a massive debt for making my song “Farewell to the Gold” so well known by recording it on his ‘Penguin Eggs’ LP. This was a big factor in my decision to move from New Zealand to UK in 1980. (The fact that my partner, Pauline, was from Kendal in Cumbria probably also played a part!) In NZ I had, for some years, been writing and performing my own songs and I relished the challenge of trying to survive as a singer-songwriter on the UK folk music scene.
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To cut a long story short, I bumbled along until, in 1989, five LPs and a songbook later, I decided the best thing for me and Pauline and our children was to try to do something more home-based for a living, so we set up our Sagem Crafts wooden board game manufacturing business and I gave up touring and playing in public. I have many treasured and unique memories from this time in my musical career and met many generous and hospitable people on the way, not to mention getting to know most of superb musicians on Britain’s folk scene. But nothing stays the same and life brings constant change.These days, although I don’t play to audiences very much at all I still hugely enjoy participating in a local (mostly Irish) jam session and, because I can’t seem to stop myself writing a new song every once in a while, singing in a local singers’ club. I really enjoy those and feel it keeps me connected with music. Many of you who have contacted me about the availability of my recorded music may have given up hope of ever finding it and I am ashamed that it has taken me so long but I am pleased to be able to say that my 5 albums, starting with the first, “Caution to the Wind”, are now emerging in CD format.   The first four: Caution to the Wind, Momentum, In the Hurricane’s Eye and Pacific Pilgrim are now available to buy at £10 each plus £1.50 p&p. The songbook is available for £7.50 (or £5 if bought with a CD). My final project will be to make up a new CD of previously unreleased songs, which will be called “Lines of Lingering”. Please email me at or fill the request form if you would like to buy any of these, or to be kept on our mailing list as others become available.  PAUL METSERS , KENDAL, NOVEMBER 2010
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